How Can I Recycle Printable Paper?

Paper in general is one of the easiest things to recycle - especially if its already recycled paper. One of the things you need to consider about printable paper or heavyweight paper is if your neighborhood or store location allows recycling or not. Nowadays this is usually mandatory, but in some cases you have to actually ask if you want to receive recycling bins. If you have to ask for them, simply call your waste management or recycling center and let them know that you need X amount of bins for your specific location.

You still need to pay the waste fees that regular garbage brings to the table, but frankly I think the benefits for recycling definitely outweighs the fee you have to pay for the cans. Also, these cans can be used for other recyclable materials as well such as tin cans, bottles, jugs, etc. Usually the waste management company or recycling company will give you a print out of what can go in the cans and what cannot - so make sure you read this!

Usually what we do is tape the info at the back door by the cans so we know what goes in what garbage can. You can also use the recycling cans for other types of papers as well, even paper with and without ink on it, and different thicknesses of paper as well. It's just a nicer way to run your business or your household and a good way to do your part when it comes to the economy and the ecosystem.