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So how can you choose? Well, we got two words for you “Paper Sample!”

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How to make paper with kids

The weekend is coming and we thought you might enjoy a nice arts and crafts blog. Because we love paper so much, how about learning together how to make paper with kids? Ye, we know we are a paper company but this blog post probably won’t make us go bankrupt. Let’s say it’s just for fun with the kids okay? Promise us that you won’t go and make your own office paper by hand…

You will need:
  • A kid…
  • Any kind of old junk paper (mail, newspapers)
  • Kitchen Blender
  • Bucket
  • Holed window screen or any plastic or metal screening
  • Towel
  • Cutting board
  • News paper and Cotton cloth
And Now… Making Paper!
  1. Rip the paper into small pieces and soak them in a bucket with warm water. Soak it overnight or for a couple of hours, depending on your kids’ level of patience. You can also throw in the mix some natural decorations like leaves and
  2. Pour the mix into a blender and fill it with water, to about half. Then blend the watery mix in order to get a smooth liquid.
  3. Evenly spread the mix on the screen and place it on the towel.
  4. Press the screen with the cutting board and squeeze out the liquids. Use a sponge to absorb any of the remaining liquids.
  5. Spread a newspaper on the floor and put the cotton cloth above it. Turn the screen over the cloth and detach the paper.
That’s it! Now just let it dry and there you have it…

Your very own handmade recycled paper!

But let's get down to business: when you need some real paper, contact Limited Papers for thousands of paper products available for same day shipping!

Watermark Papers. When your business needs extra security

You have a $10 bill? Okay, now hold it up to the light and look at the empty space that's right of the middle portrait. Can you see Mr. Hamilton appear? (If you don’t… well, I wouldn’t go to the bank with it.) This is called a watermark. It’s an image or pattern that is embedded in the paper which appears in different lightning and caused by thickness variations in the paper.

The watermark functions a signature or proof of originality and helps businesses, banks or governments to avoid forgery of important documents. Watermarks can be also found on bank notes, passports, contracts or tickets.

There are two types of common watermark papers, the one is called Dandy Roll and the other is called the Cylinder Mould.

The Dandy Roll process involves pressing the paper with a metal stamp (dandy roll) that is water coated. The final result is a patterned mark that lets more light pass through that thinner portion of the paper.

The Cylinder Mould provides a much clearer watermark by incorporating tone changes to create an actual image on the paper.

Visit and find out about the variety of watermark options avaliable.

Brand New Rag - Buy Rag Paper

When you are on the job hunt, you know that the contents of your resume matters, but the presentation of your resume matters as well, if not more. Employers receive hundreds of job applications and you have to make sure that yours stick out.

Try a snappy, catchy title or a colorful envelope. Wrap your portfolio in a unique folder. Print your resume on a luxurious paper; a paper that catches attention; a paper that’s made out of rags.

Yep, if you’re looking for the best quality paper to print your resume on – choose Rag Paper. You see, most types of papers are made from wood while rag paper contains special fabric fibers, mostly cotton. Now fabric papers are much stronger, durable to wear and tear and have a distinctive look. Cotton is also pH neutral so this paper is great for archival or art prints which will last ages.

Limited Papers is your best source when you want to buy rag paper from top manufacturers. Atlas bond rag paper is a top seller. Those who prefer to use "green" products are especially fond of it, since all Atlas bond rag paper is made of 25 percent cotton and 30 percent post-consumer material.