Printable Paper For Customized Christmas Cards!

Nowadays just about everyone is getting into technology - and when you throw in a nice printer and some quality paper, you really can make some kick butt cards. And you can use these for any occasion or any holiday. They also have a lot of software available these days with all kinds of designs, templates and options in order to make THE best cards possible. Besides a quality printer, you are going to need quality printable paper. It's a good idea to look at heavyweight paper for something like cards because of the amount of ink that is going to be on the paper.

Plus, the heavyweight paper adds a certain thickness to the card which makes it seem even high quality once you shape it and fold it to how you want it. Another thing you can do if you are making customized cards is to use custom stock sheets and custom paper size options. The custom stock sheets are going to allow you to choose from a variety of material's and colors. So for example, for Christmas cards you could do something like Vellum or Linen paper to give it that extra extra level of quality.

And with the customer paper sizes you can obviously choose from custom sizes of paper depending on what YOU want. Standard sizes for printable paper start at around 8.5 × 11 for letter size paper. But with custom options you can go as big or as small as you see fit.