Paper Arts & Craft Projects With Custom Stock Sheets

If you are a nanny or a parent you know that one thing kids absolutely love is arts and crafts. They especially like it when they can draw or paint on papers because this gives them the whole "outside of the lines" freedom that a coloring book just can't cut! You can come up with all sorts of projects for your child to do on paper - whether it's drawing on it, or printing out paper on a printer for occasions and holidays. One thing I like if you are a nanny is to make a card for the parent with the child on printable paper.

This is cute because its much more personable from the child to their parent, rather than going out and buying a card. And if their parents are anything like mine, these are projects that they will probably keep for a long time! My mom still has pictures I have drawn and projects we have done when I was a child and I'm now almost 29 years old! These are the precious times in a child's life, so whatever memories you can make, or whatever memories you can "record" while a parent is away at work, is definitely worth it!

One suggestion is that if you are going to buy printable paper for something like a card, try to buy heavyweight paper. This is going to keep the colors from bleeding through to the other side, and these pieces of paper make for a perfect material when it comes time to fold the card up as well. If you need custom stock sheets you can also find these on our website as well as customer paper sizes too!

How Can I Choose Printable Paper For My Office

If you have a printer or printers in your office or home office, you can easily and quickly decide on the type of custom stock sheets you are going to need by following a few simple guidelines. First off, don't buy more than you can afford or that you need. It's important that you or someone in the office keeps track of how many packs of paper you go through every month. If you go through 4 packs of 250 sheets of printable paper a month it's a good idea to buy 4-6 packs every single month JUST in case you have some over flow. Its also important that you are choosing the right kind of paper.

Most paper will come in specific sheet sizes, but if you need something that is customized sheets, so you would need to find custom stock sheets or custom paper size options. This is not only going to allow you to choose from various sizes, but different kinds of paper as well such as lined paper, graph, charts, calendars, dot paper, monthly budget paper, etc. Next you need to decide what material you want the paper to be made out of.

If you are making some sort of a presentation for your office, it's a good idea to go with a heavyweight paper option because this will keep layers of ink from bleeding through to the other side - which just looks plain sloppy! If you follow these few rules, you should be able to rule out what kinds of paper options you would need for your office.

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Printable Paper!

A lot of people are choosing a friendlier option when it comes to printable paper. The "green" option not only allows you to take part in making the world a friendlier place as far as the environment goes, but it also costs quite a lot less when choosing a recyclable or recycled paper rather than one that is not. These Eco-friendly printable paper options will still come with all the same options that you would want for your printer paper, but they are simply BETTER to use. You can still choose from heavyweight paper - which is a great option for laser jet printers or projects where you will have multiple lines or layers of ink going on the paper.

You can also still find custom stock sheets for various styles of the paper such as presentation paper, graphs, projections for the year, budgets, or even to-do lists if you so choose. Furthermore you can also choose from the same custom paper size choices as well.

Most paper will come in a standardized size, but if you have a larger printer or you need to print on paper that is a different size than a regular piece of paper could establish, you can choose from custom paper sizes that will allow you to choose from just about any size that you need! When these papers need to be thrown out, simply place them in your recycling bin! Very simple and it's a great way to start making your office more Eco-friendly as well!