Have A Special Presentation? Need Custom Paper Size?

As the CEO of my own company, I don't really have to deal with a lot of presentations and such, especially since I work from my home office. However, there are a lot of businesses where employees NEED to print up presentations, proposal, graphs/goals, schedules, posters, campaign ads, etc. For these types of presentations you absolutely need quality paper - that is a no-brainer. If you use something really cheap or something really thin, chances are you are going to have a bleeder!

This is when the ink runs or "bleeds" through the paper. Not only is it messy, but it's also unprofessional! If you need to do a special presentation, you might want to start looking at printable paper such as heavyweight paper, custom stock sheets and different options for custom paper size for your presentation. The printable paper obviously means this is paper that is made to print on. The heavyweight means that it's going to be thick enough for your presentation to have a certain look of professionalism to it, and it's not going to bleed through!

The custom stock sheets option is going to allow you to choose from all kinds of colors and types of paper materials such as glossy, matte, linen, vellum, and heck! you can even choose from metallic if you really want to! Lastly, the custom paper size is obviously going to let you choose what paper size you will need for your presentation. This is seriously going to impress your clients and customers and your boss. Don't have this kind of paper yet? Well you better get moving!


grace said...

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