Are you a Photo Printer Business? Do you need Photo Paper?

A few years ago when I was into photography pretty heavily, I decided to start my own home business which would allow me to directly sell prints right from my house. The only problem with this was that I would need to buy everything including the printer and the paper. The printer itself was a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 Large Format Printer. It was and still continues to be an amazing printer, but the paper I kept looking at in local stores near me and online was quite expensive.

You have to figure that this isn't just regular lightweight paper you can use for these prints. It has to be heavyweight, it has to be from a specialty store, it has to have custom paper size options and it also had to have different "material" options as well such as matte or glossy since different people wanted different finishes. When I was looking at stores that weren't specialty stores, the prices were SO high. It was incredibly frustrating because whole I was a good photographer, I really knew I wasn't going to make millions of dollars on my photography.

So spending $4,000 on photo paper every month simple wasn't an option. However, after visiting Limited Paper, I found much lower prices than the other regular stores. I'm not really sure the reason behind this, I just know that saving money on the forefront is HUGE! It really doesn't matter if you are a photographer or you have another kind of business that needs specialty paper – Limited Paper can definitely give you whatever products you want, at a price that is really going to make you happy!