How Can I Choose Printable Paper For My Business?

I don't know one single office or business that doesn't use paper. Have it be for faxes, print outs, graphs, or to simply write on - all companies are going to use paper at one level or another. For something like printable paper you might want to consider a heavyweight paper option. This keeps the inks from your printer from bleeding through - which is really important if you are using the paper for something like a presentation and you want to be as professional as possible.

Also, you can buy custom stock sheets and custom paper size options as well. For example, if you are IN the printing business you will most likely need a variety of sizes and customizations for your customers. The custom stock sheets are going to allow you to choose sizes, colors, textures, types of materials, etc. It's all about variety, especially in the printing business. Also, if you have a business such as photography, you are going to need paper with glossy effects, matte, coated, etc.

Really it's going to depend on WHAT you need the paper for! Just try to use common sense when choosing the right kind of paper. Another thing you could do if you are looking for printable paper is take a look at our website – at we can answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we even offer sample pages. This is going to be a little package that we can send you with a few of the different styles and thicknesses of papers we have so you can visually see and physically feel what the paper looks and feels like!