They Call Me the Paperizer

It’s true. My best friends call me the Paperizer. I know my paper. Printable paper, heavyweight paper, customs stock sheets, bond text and writing paper – it all depends on what you want to do. Me, I write, and so when I print out my material it’s important to have the best paper quality. It’s like that scene in American Psycho with the business cards. If you have your work printed on poor paper, it reflects the quality of your work. So I usually choose heavyweight paper when I’m submitting something official.

Heavyweight Paper doesn’t bleed, it is strong and sturdy, and you can feel the difference in your hands because it’s heavier (hence the name) it’s sleeker, and it has a slight shine that gives your work a classy finish. Plus, once I’m a household name, my original manuscripts will still be around; they won’t dissolve or get dog-eared like that cheap paper.

If I’m just printing out copies for my buddies, I use a simple printable paper, which is a bit cheaper and less sturdy, but when I’m printing out hundreds of pages, it’s great! I usually get my paper from Limited Papers because they have good prices and they’re friendly and fun. I hope y’all heed my advice when it comes to printing your own work. Tata for now, you’ll read me again.