Create Children's Paper Masks with Printable Paper!

Some parents think they have to spend a lot of money on activities for their children, but this is simply not the case. Many of the most rewarding activities involve materials you can find right at home, including markers, rubber bands, and printable paper.

Speaking of these supplies—if you have these in your house, that means you have everything you need to create fun paper masks with your children!

If this sounds like a project your kids would enjoy, you can get them started in one of two ways. You can print out mask templates online for your kids to color in, or else allow them to create the full designs on the computer, using a painting program such as Microsoft Paint.

Whatever method you choose, you'll have to use your rubber bands to create straps to keep those masks in place (twine or string might also work, perhaps fastened by a staple). You can add glitter to the masks for a really eye-catching look, or encourage your kids to create intricate marker designs. For details like this, of course, heavyweight paper is ideal, so that it will not rip or allow colors to bleed.