Create Customized Paper Hats With Heavyweight Paper For Your Child's Birthday!

Kids love creating stuff, it's just in their genes. And paper hats are easy to make and real fun too!

One of the first things you will need is printable paper. My suggestion is to use a heavier and denser paper like heavyweight paper because it won't bleed through with printer ink or with markers, it's pliable, and it's durable! You also might want to choose custom stock sheets and a custom paper size for whatever size hats you want to create.

Next, you need to either find a program that will create the hat design template for you so you can use the printable paper to print it out or you can print out the hat template using the heavyweight paper and allow your child to create the paper hats using markers, glitter, different glue colors or crayons.

Next, you’ll need to cut along and fold along the lines given on the template and secure with tape or glue. That's it! You just helped your son or daughter create some really cool hats for their friends!

For all your paper needs and supplies, even it’s more serious stuff, you can visit us at and get whatever paper you want, whenever you want it!


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