What Your Paper Says About You

Printable paper goes quickly. You may be surprised if you’ve been printing at all, because it seems that as soon as you refill your paper try, why, in just a few short weeks, it’s empty!

It’s also important to recognize that the type of paper used can say a lot about what is printed on it. Especially if you are submitting more formal documents, like resumes, a heavyweight paper can make a big difference as to whether you’re called back for a second interview. The kind of paper you print on is a lot like the kind of clothes you wear.

If you are printing out brochures or annual reports, you probably want a heavyweight paper. This will give the people who are viewing your document a sense of weight – literally and figuratively. It’s easy to disregard a document, even if the content on it is important, if the paper is light and flimsy. You figure it’s ready to be recycled. But if you hold a sheet of heavyweight paper in your hands, you know that this paper means business. Whoever took the time to print on it had something important to say, and didn’t skimp to say it.


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