A Flower Craft For Spring

Spring has arrived and with it, the need for fun and creativity. Here is an idea for a craft that you can make with your kids: the Tissue Paper Vase.

You need: a juice jar, paper mache paste (a 1:5 ration of flower to water, boiled for 3 minutes then left to cool) strips of white printable paper, and coloring items

Cover the jar in paper mache paste, and place three layers of paper over it. It takes about a day for the paper mache to dry, but after that you can decorate the bottle any way you want. Adding strips of heavyweight paper is a great idea, or you can color on the sides to match your flower.

For the flower, you need tissue paper or colored printable paper, straw, a cotton ball, scissors and some tape. Cut a 2” by 2” square of paper and place some cotton in the middle. Use a straw and wrap the paper with cotton around it. Put about 5 petals on around the straw and add maybe 3 or 4 layers of petals, or until the flower looks full and healthy.

There you have it, a beautiful flower vase, with a flower that won’t die. You can even spray some perfume on it, so it smells pretty.