Printable Paper Terms Defined

Like most things, the world of printable paper has its own glossary of technical jargon. Paper, although it seems simple and straightforward is a complex thing. You may have encountered a few of these words when shopping for paper at the office supply store and was left scratching your head.

Grain Direction- The direction in which paper fibers lie; a factor to consider for achieving the best results in printing, folding, and converting.

Finish- A paper’s surface characteristics like smoothness, appearance and gloss.

Laser paper- Manufactured in cut sizes, very smooth and low in moisture to prevent curling in high-heat situations.

Linen Finish- A woven-like textured effect by embossed a web of paper with a patterned steel-roll.

Opacity-A paper’s ability to prevent light transmission. The more opaque a paper is the less you can see through it.

Laid Finish-A linear pattern applied by a dandy roll while the paper is still very wet to mimic the look of hand-made paper.

Cockle Finish-A rough, uneven, hard paper finish. Most frequently manufactured in bond papers.
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