Paper Choice for Resumes is Important

With the job market so tight these days, Resume presentation is of utmost importance. Obviously, content is one of the more crucial aspects to a successful resume, but even the most impressive lists of past experiences and accolades seems forgettable when they are presented in a dull, unattractive, and disorganized manner.

If you’ve been applying to jobs and have been invited for an interview, congratulations! There was obviously something the potential employer liked from your cover letter or inquiry, so you need to highlight those attribute and present yourself in the most professional way possible.

This means printing out your wonderful resume on heavyweight paper or custom stock sheets. Paper choice really adds a polished touch to your overall ambience, so be sure to use heavy paper. If you have a stack of resumes on your desk that all look alike, the one on the nice paper is probably going to stick out and leave a positive imprint on the interviewers mind.

A key thing to remember on the day of the interview is to bring a hard copy of your resume, even if you sent one out via email. The potential employer will see your professional resume on heavyweight paper and know that you mean business.