Watermark Papers. When your business needs extra security

You have a $10 bill? Okay, now hold it up to the light and look at the empty space that's right of the middle portrait. Can you see Mr. Hamilton appear? (If you don’t… well, I wouldn’t go to the bank with it.) This is called a watermark. It’s an image or pattern that is embedded in the paper which appears in different lightning and caused by thickness variations in the paper.

The watermark functions a signature or proof of originality and helps businesses, banks or governments to avoid forgery of important documents. Watermarks can be also found on bank notes, passports, contracts or tickets.

There are two types of common watermark papers, the one is called Dandy Roll and the other is called the Cylinder Mould.

The Dandy Roll process involves pressing the paper with a metal stamp (dandy roll) that is water coated. The final result is a patterned mark that lets more light pass through that thinner portion of the paper.

The Cylinder Mould provides a much clearer watermark by incorporating tone changes to create an actual image on the paper.

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