Paper For Any Job!

There are many different types of paper. Each best fits a description for each job your office does. Here is a list of how weight accords with style and purpose.

Some of the lighter paper around is best for certificates, directories, fliers, forms, handbills, letterheads, newsletters, photocopy, quick printing, and resumes. This printable paper is for writing jobs predominantly and is weighed anywhere from 9-28. Carbonless paper is supplementary to this group because it is used for paper that can be rapidly disposed of, such as receipts, invoices, and purchase orders. This paper usually weighs under 20.

Heavyweight paper is usually used for annual reports, announcements, art reproductions, books, brochures, calendars, posters, self-mailers. This paper is longer lasting, weighing anywhere from 60-100, and will not detiorate over the course of time. It can also be used for business cards, calendars covers for annual reports, books, catalogs and directories folders, greeting cards, invitations, menus, point of purchase displays, post cards , posters, table tents, and tickets.

After the paper used for text, coated books and cover paper is the really heavyweight paper – board. 90-175 is the usual weight of these papers as it can be used for any heavy duty job you have. That pretty much runs the paper gamut. Now you should be able to choose what kind of paper suits you best.


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