Recycled Office Paper. It's time to make a change!

Can you imagine life without paper? Sure, we see a technological change in the shape of e-mail and e-books, but really, can you imagine what it will be like waking up without the morning newspaper? Can you give up the cereal box? Forget about turning the pages of a book while riding the train? Or even leaving the personal touch that you make when you sign a letter?

People use paper since the 2nd century CE and it’s hard to believe that paper will ever disappear. What’s even more interesting is the fact that we recycle paper for more than 300 years! Yep, recycling paper is not a recent trend or just a green phase. About 60% of the paper we consume is recycled, which is a pretty cool fact.

Most of us have accesses to community recycling programs and in some states, recycling is the law. Recycling paper can save us energy and natural resources, prevent pollution and boost the growth of green technologies.

Many businesses around the nation decided to use only recycled paper or other types of green paper such as Acid Free paper, Cotton fiber paper, Green E-certified or FSC certified paper. How about you?

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